SunBurn HotEnd Assembled


SunBurn Assembled



  • Compact all metal hotend system it features an all metal construction with no PTFE (Teflon) or polymer thermoplastic (Peek) in its construction
  • The SunBurn is composed  of aluminum (heat-sink, heating block), brass (nozzle) and surgical steel (heat break) making it strong and able to withstand high temperatures above what current materials used with thermoplastic extrusion require
  • Right out of the box it is capable of 662°F(350°C) with the current thermistor (higher temperatures can be reached with a thermocouple) giving you the flexibility to print with any material.
  • Very compact and light design at a total height of 2.2"(62.3mm) and total weight for all metal parts 1.16oz(32.9gr)
  • Compatible with any extruder that bears a 16mm diameter grove mount, there is a few extruders made by Infill 3D available in the download area that work very well with the SunBurn or any other groove mount hotend make sure you check them out.      
  • Comes standard with a 40mm axial fan to maximize air flow with low noise, the fan duct size could make it a bit hefty for some, a few customers have asked for a smaller fan duct; we heard you give us a little bit of time in the near future there will be fan ducts in different sizes for smaller fans in the download area.      
  • Multiple superbly engineered parts available in the download area like our multiple versions of our fan ducts choose from ABS or PLA, the PLA fan includes additional vents pointing at the printing area removing the need for an additional fan.
  • No more messy complicated installation for the thermistor the SunBurn has a thermistor captive set screw (for keeping the thermistor confined in position) insert the thermistor and lock it in place with the included set screw and hex key, is that simple.
  • Exceptional dome design coupling between the heat break/nozzle, the heat breaks bears a dome indentation that mates with the dome protrusion of our nozzles for self-centering and aligning of both heat break and nozzle for a perfect seal between parts and a straight path for the filament flow from intake to extrusion.
  • Comes standard with a 0.4mm nozzle, additional sizes available 0.3mm and 0.5mm (more sizes planned for the future). 
  • Aluminum parts in the SunBurn are anodized serving two purposes, it helps dissipate heat a little better however the main reason is aesthetics since good looks count; at the moment is available in black and red however more colors will be available in the future.
  • Available in two different feed types, standard direct feed or Bowden/direct feed, the latter includes M6 adapter that allows you to change the feed type either screw in a pneumatic quick release fitting for Bowden feed or screw in the M6 adapter and use it as direct feed. 

            Parts list

  • -Nozzle 0.4mm
  • -Heater Block
  • -M2 Set Screw
  • -M3 Set Screw
  • -Hex Wrench 0.9mm For M2 Set Screw 
  • -Hex Wrench 1.5mm For M3 Set Screw 
  • -Heat Break
  • -Compact Anodized Heatsink (available in different colors)
  • -Fan 12V 40mm 3.28'(1m) Cable
  • -Fan Duct ABS
  • -4x M3 Socket screws for Fan
  • -M3 Hex Wrench 2.5mm For Socket Screw 
  • -NTC Thermistor Max. Temp. 662°F(350°C)
  • -3.28'(1m) Thermistor Cable
  • -2x Uninsulated Wire Ferrules
  • -High Temperature Heat Shrink Tubing
  • -PTFE High Temperature Sleeve
  • -Ceramic Cartridge Heater 12V 40W

*Bowden/Direct Feed Type Includes the conversion M6 adapter and pneumatic quick release fitting


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