My name is JD and I am at the helm of Infill 3D, we are a starting business out of Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. looking forward to provide you the 3D enthusiast with quality parts for your next build. One of our greatest assets is our aggressive approach to engineering design of all our parts to ensure they perform to your expectations and beyond.
Infill 3D is taking it's first steps with our SunBurn line of hotends, the SunBurn was born out of need back in 2013, at the time there was no hotend that was compact and all metal available for sale here in the U.S.A. there where a few over seas however I found them to be bulky for what I wanted.
In view of this conundrum I started making a few Computational fluid dynamics simulations trying to figure out how small of heatsink could be used for an all metal hotend, one thing lead to another and with quite a few setbacks and many prototypes finally at the end of 2013 I had an iteration of a working model that I actually send out to a few friends for testing hoping it would work as good for them as it did for me.
Thereafter a small batch of SunBurn hotends where sold to test the market and hear what customers had to say about it.
Since then is been a constant battle implementing improvements and getting everything ready to get our products out to the public.
It has taken quite a bit of time to get here, from making simulations, testing and prototyping to researching manufacturing processes that yield excellent results with a high quality end product that won't break the bank.
This last point has been difficult since the tolerances are very precise and hard to achieve making production prohibitive expensive hence a lot of research was done to bring the SunBurn out to the public at a reasonable price while still maintaining a reliable quality product.
Over a year has gone by working on making the best hotend possible without compromising quality, staying close to my original idea of a compact hot end; I can finally say it's here!
The SunBurn hotend is just a starting point for infill 3D since there is a lot to be done with what I envision, not only a one stop store for your 3D printing needs but a place where you could stop by to get a well engineered 3D model for something useful.
Please visit our download area where you find a few items that might be helpful to you all free for download and GPLv3. From a few fan ducts for the SunBurn to extruders or the Infill 3D spin on an i3 machine that I call i3Redux, Mr. Prusa's i3 was chosen since I been building this machine and improving on it for a while nevertheless I want to make parts for other machines especially I am interested in rethinking a delta printer with parts made of plastic injection but that is another story.
If you have an idea or can think of an improvement or part that will help the 3D printing community I'll do my best to oblige, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.
At the end of the day I have a lot of ideas for Infill 3D and I am hoping I can gain the support of you the customer to move forward and do great products for the 3D enthusiast.